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Ships, machines, bridges - all these products benefit from the inimitable properties of metallic materials. However, metals, which are valued for their robustness, have one disadvantage: they are prone to corrosion.

Corrosion damage must be repaired at great cost and results in a limited service life of a building or product. So anyone who processes or wants to use metal needs the certainty that the necessary corrosion protection work is carried out in the best possible way.

FROSIO Certificate

With certification as a valuable proof of qualification, you are on the safe side in corrosion protection.

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Executing companies of corrosion protection measures

Are you looking for new orders in corrosion protection?

You are specialists in corrosion protection and would like to advance your company. With a certification, you secure proof of your quality and thus advantages in the competition for new orders.

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Clients of corrosion protection measures

Are you looking for corrosion protection specialists?

Planners, purchasing managers, project managers or quality management representatives: they all need to be able to rely on their suppliers and service providers, especially in such central areas as corrosion protection. A certification in corrosion protection serves as a point of reference in the search for the right specialists.

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