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How do you find the best professionals for your project?

Productivity and quality - two criteria that each of your contracted professionals should bring with them and which will determine the success of your project.

But how can you guarantee this?

The FROSIO certificate: the best guarantee of cooperation with contractors in the field of corrosion protection.

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You have not heard of FROSIO or the GuiD-CP guideline yet?

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We will answer your questions:

  • What exactly is the FROSIO-GuiD-CP?
  • Which companies can be certified?
  • What advantages does it bring for your project?
  • Which project areas are covered by the certificate?
  • How do I find certified companies?
Corrosion protection for rail vehicle construction

What does the
FROSIO-GuiD-CP regulate?

The FROSIO-GuiD-CP was developed to define quality requirements for companies responsible for the execution of corrosion protection work. The aim of the directive is to increase productivity and product quality.

  • Definition of essential requirements
  • Definition of responsibilities
  • Definition of the processes
  • Definition of monitoring and corrective measures

Brilliant security in all areas

  • Corrosion protection work on:
    - components
    - other products
    - new buildings
  • Restoration and repair work
  • Inspection and testing activities Procedures
  • Organic coatings
  • Thermal spraying
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Duplex Coating Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pressure equipment
  • Automotive engineering
  • Rail vehicles
  • Offshore

Demand-oriented certification in 3 levels

Depending on the complexity of the corrosion protection work and the targeted protection duration of the corrosion protection, your company can be certified in 3 different levels.
You are subject to different strict requirements depending on the respective certification level.

Comprehensive quality requirements

  • Protection duration over 25 years
  • Different CP processes or a complete production are carried out in the company

Standard quality requirements

  • Protection period from 7 to 15 years
  • Different CP processes are executed in the company

Elementary quality requirements

  • Protection period under 7 years
  • Individual CP processes are carried out within the company

Your advantages at a glance

Icon Proven qualified

Proven qualified contractors for your project

Proven qualified contractors for your project: Companies certified with the FROSIO-GuiD-CP meet the highest quality requirements for the execution of corrosion protection work: They have qualified personnel and have demonstrated suitable processes and facilities.

Icon Clear requirements

Clear requirements for products, processes and personnel

Instructions for the corrosion protection work can be precisely defined with reference to the requirements of the FROSIO guideline, the alignment with legal regulations is given.

Icon Quality improvement

Quality improvement

Confirmed quality standards are observed in projects. Annual monitoring audits.

Icon Security

Security during contract negotiations

Certified contractors undertake to comply with the corrosion protection standards specified by FROSIO, so that these can also be fixed by contract with the client.

The all-round quality package for your project

You can rely on your FROSIO-certified partner company.

All-round quality package

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FAQ about FROSIO certificate

FROSIO is an organisation founded in Norway in 1986 for quality assurance in corrosion protection and surface treatment with the highest international reputation. Their guideline FROSIO-GuiD-CP defines the quality requirements for companies that carry out corrosion protection. FROSIO-GuiD-CP is currently the only certifiable system for a corrosion protection company.

FROSIO is an internationally highly respected institution. The companies certified according to its guideline meet the highest standards of corrosion protection with suitable processes and equipment and have qualified personnel. Annual monitoring audits ensure that the quality requirements are met.

Corrosion protection work by thermal spraying, hot-dip galvanising, coating with organic dyes and duplex systems. FROSIO-GuiD-CP specifies and supplements the general regulations of ISO 9001 for the field of corrosion protection.

All certified companies are listed on the FROSIO website. Soon there will be a FROSIO database, which will offer clients a search and selection facility to help them find suitable companies for the services they require.